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Who am I

Kali   Garcia
Date of Birth
6 September  1973
2192 Harrowgate Rd.

Victoria, BC

V9B 0B9

Canadian & Mexican

My Cover Letter gives only a glimpse of me...

An ambitious mom who is known for accomplishing the goals I set in life. I’m an energetic, quick thinker, transparent and professional executive who is looking to use all my knowledge to help others succeed in their business.


I have a wide array of experience that is rare and invaluable:  extensive knowledge of Human Resources and Digital Marketing. The common denominators between these two skills are the social context and the psychology behind them. I connect easily with people and have the ability to listen to both what is being said out loud and what isn’t.


I’ve had the opportunity to live, travel and/or study in different countries such as Mexico, the USA, Canada, China and Prague. Additionally, I have worked for many years at multinational companies that have taught me essential skills in order to be successful.


I’m an easy-going hard worker, believe in the good intentions of people, and I am very challenge-driven. My main objective is to build my career but also live a trace in this world; an important personal conviction for me is to promote and practice sustainable living and to understand how this world can be better.


My recent experience is digital marketing consulting, along with corporate services implementation. I built up companies’ presence online from scratch. If you think I can help you with anything, please let me know, I would love to meet you.

Nothing can Substitute my Experience!

Yes, I have taken risks and gained

Corporate Services
Administrative Operations

Corporate Services Consultant

Scala Developments

Award-winning developments and custom homes in Victoria, BC.


  • Executed research best practices with appropriate staff and leadership to identify strategic, operational changes while managing the business process.


  • Lead Business process improvements (BPI) using different methodologies in which I analyzed the procedures thoroughly to identify areas where we could reduce risks and upgrade their accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency.


  • Established an H.R. system to administer 40 employees, including the company handbook design, hiring requirements, bonus compensation plans, career development, retention policies, training solutions, and organizational culture.


  • Developed a marketing strategy within the Construction Industry through P.R. Digital marketing, website development, SEO and Social media.

Marketing Manager
Colas Division Extensions

PEPSICO – Beverages Division

Responsible for the Colas line extensions Pepsi Max, Pepsi Light, Pepsi Blue, and all innovation programs, including in and out product development in the cola’s category.


  • 2003 Pepsi Light re-launch plan successfully deployed, achieving +1.0 pt. share of the diet cola market. My team was responsible for planning, developing, implementing, and following up with the business plan and marketing strategy.


  • Led the BBDO production communication campaign-commercials, billboards, radio, and cinema, creating a scope management plan that defined, validated, and controlled the tasks to achieve the anticipated results.


  • . Responsible for a budget of $1.3 M for diet brands.

Increased Pepsi Light sales volume 20.5% vs. YAG -2003-, 5% vs. YAG -2004-, 4% vs. YAG -2005-, 6% vs. YAG -2006-, 5.5% vs. YAG. – Every marketing business strategy had to be sold and negotiated with the bottlers nationwide, who approved, authorized and expected the forecasted results.


  • KPI’s favourably improved in Mexico’s main 12 cities based on a balanced Scorecards system.
  • Brand Preference +8 pts.
  • P4W +10 pts.
  • Force Preference + 4 pts.
  • SODCM Full yr. vs. CCX +2 pts.


  • Developed and Executed the Pepsi Blue and Pepsi Fire Nationwide Campaign Production of Multimedia Executions, following the EVM (earned value management) to monitor costs, schedule control and find the variances between the performed and planned tasks.


    • Radio, print, and billboards
    • Two sustain commercials per brand
    • Volume plan full covered (3.5 M 8 oz. Cs)
    • Pepsi Blue contributed to T.M. volume growth +4.2 vs. YAG
    • Re-trial rates 72%
    • Spearheaded first in & out product strategy implemented by Pepsi in Mexico City.

Senior Associate
Technology and Consumer Goods

Korn Ferry International

  • World’s leading public recruitment company involved in executive searches outsourced recruiting and leadership development solutions. Contracting, Human Resources, advising and management assessment business services.Trained as a professional Head-hunter consultant responsible for establishing the client’s relationship, executive search, candidates’ screening, interviewing, management assessments, candidate reports, reference checks, salary negotiations to the final placement in the new position.


    • Consulted and accomplished the sales target of $400,000 US with new multinational companies.


    • Brought and participated in accounts such as Microsoft, Rohm and Haas, Pfizer, Frito Lay, DuPont, Monsanto, Burston-Marsteller, Cerveceria Montezuma, H.P., Unisys, Acer.


    • Contributed 30 % of the technology accounts division and 10% of consumer goods total invoice.


    • Participated in international research for crucial positions around the world. Twenty-six placements in one year, including seven CEO’ positions for multinational companies.

Marketing Manager
Non Profit Organization

Extra- Non-profit created by the top seven leading media companies in TV, Radio and Print, with the purpose of providing a relief fund for retired employees of the mass communication media. The foundation supported 1,200 former workers with food, medical assistance, life insurance, and prepaid funeral expenses; it was financially sponsored by mass media communication members

  • Established non-profit, eventually supervising as many as 120 social workers
  • Coordinated mass media advertising campaigns and launched and raised funds from large events    (80,000 participants).
  • Raised funds of 5 million MX pesos.

Marketing Assistant
International Division

Dulces Montes & Company

Second largest Mexican candy manufacturer and exporter with a plant located in Jalisco and offices in the US.

  • Delivered revenue of US $180K (1994), $480K (1995), $1.3M (1996), 1.35M (1997),being responsible for the Canadian market
  • Launched 4 new product configurations that represented 25% of the total export business.
  • Launched products accepted by SAMS Club for its commercialization in all its US distribution centers.
  • Coordinated and attended industrial trade shows and exhibitions in Germany, Chicago, New Orleans, New York, Denver, Dallas, Miami, Anaheim, San Antonio, Minneapolis, Toronto and Montreal; Served as liaison between foreign customers and product development for international items, which involved design, coordination, production development, packaging strategies, research, shipping and customs full process until the product reach the final destination.

Experience gained over the Years

Miles to go before...

The journey of thousand miles

Montes Company 1994-1998

Marketing Assistant
Exports Division

Universidad Panamericana

BA Marketing Degree 1994-1999

Non-profit organization

Marketing Manager 1998-2000

Korn Ferry International

Senior Associate


Pepsico International

Marketing Manager Colas Division


Thunderbird Global Management School

  MBA 2006-2008

British Columbia University

Digital Marketing Certificate 2013-2014

Scala Developments

   Corporate Services 2012-2018

Creativity in Execution

My Key Strength

  • Curiosity and Innovative Thinking
  • Creative
  • Good People Skills
  • Strategic Thinker
  • Business Driver

A results-oriented Marketing Executive, offering experience in the consumer products industry. Competitive with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, comprehensive knowledge, strategic thinking and networking capabilities. The desire for professional growth sparked my interest in multinational companies looking for new global challenges.

Product Development 80%
Budget Control 80%
Financial Management 80%
Recruitment & Selection 90%
Html/ CSS/Java 70%

Area of Interests

My Interests


Paddle boarding is the perfect combination of fun, & relax exercise.  I enjoy the experience with nature while catching up with an old friend switching the coffee table for a board in the lake.


I belong to few Reading Clubs which  force me to engage on new and interesting topics, and they do so by listening to people who think differently than me. And because you know you’ll have to discuss a book with your peers, you’re likely to read more deeply than you might on your own. Audio book is a good substitute while travelling.


I love building websites, I like the design static component of it, but to me the challenge is creating the user flow charts behaviour when they access the web page. What are this user main drivers? what are they expecting to find? one same website can bring users with very different needs, and  to find their insights I have to do an analysis of their persona.


Language Skills

The Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute offers a language certification test, which gives students an opportunity to have their abilities in English or Spanish formally recognized.


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